Sunday, September 16, 2012


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Friday, June 01, 2012

Goals 2012: a long overdue update

Been a hectic few months, but I didn't just drop off the ol' New Year's Resolution bandwagon, much as it may seem. But being that today is the five-month mark of the year, I thought it a good time to recommit myself to some specific goals.

By 11:59pm, June 30th:

1. I will finish the feature script that I started writing Dec. 30.
2. I will finish The Creative Habit
3. I will read Perspective
4. I will draw an hour a day, 3x a week
5. I will finish my website
6. I will get my daily routine (incl. exercise) under control
7. I will write a scene to direct as practice with a collaborator
8. I will attend the Pixar Masterclass Jun 28/29
9. I will attend an Improv workshop

On July 1st:

1. I will start prepping my second feature script of the year.
2. I will start adapating my first feature script into a webcomic
3. I will start prepping a separate webcomic with a collaborator
4. I will begin prep for my directing workshop
5a. If #7 is not complete, I will finish writing that scene
5b. If #7 is complete, I will being prepping for the shoot

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Goals 2012: Prog Report #5

It's been a busy week with the move, so I'll keep this short:

1. I wrote 7 pages in my script
2. I watched the Green Mile in French
3. I re-watched Frank and Ollie
4. I read the first two trade paperbacks of Akira
5. My story-generating partner(?) and I discussed the possibility of adapting my script into a serial web comic a few months from now. Despite being an engineer, he's a fantastic illustrator and to add to that, he is taking daily illustration classes at his work -- a place of no small repute. Meanwhile, I've been deluged with comics from co-workers who want me to write a good comic, so we have some significant study ahead of us. I also see this as an opportunity to finally learn to draw perspective so that I can help with layout. Making a web comic has given me new motivation to finish the script and more importantly, gives me a sense of having taken control of my destiny back from the suits who could care less. I must continue writing this as a movie first, so the adaptation process will have to come later, but I'm genuinely excited.

Not Accomplished:
1. I did not read any screenplays this week.
2. I did not make further progress on my directing group

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Prog Report #4

I got hammered on all sides this week, so my progress was noticeably slowed.

1. I wrote 10 pages of my script.
2. I watched Charade in French.

Not Accomplished:
1. I didn't reach the midpoint of my script's second act.
2. I didn't watch Kramer v Kramer.
3. Still no progress on the directing group.

This next week:
1. I'm going to complete the first act of my second act.
2. I'm going to read and watch Rob Roy.

After getting hammered last week, I'm moving to a new apartment this week, so I'm scaling back my goals accordingly. I should be able to push forward with renewed aggression in February.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Disrespect for the Paying Audience

I saw a major theatrical movie last night. It was not good, but it at least feels like it was made by a filmmaker, as a opposed to Haywire or Red Tails.

Anyway, I follow the director of said unnamed movie on twitter and I saw this exchange between a reviewer who positively reviewed the film, and the director:

Reviewer: "Odd how much ambiguity in film frustrates some people. Hopefully enough people see the right movie this weekend, so we can have that chat..."

Director: "Bro, they don't have to get it. In fact it would undermine something essential in me if they did. Bozos."

So let's get this straight: he doesn't want everyone to like his film, calls them bozos for not "getting it", and yet hopes his movie will do well.

Something is wrong with this equation.