Friday, June 01, 2012

Goals 2012: a long overdue update

Been a hectic few months, but I didn't just drop off the ol' New Year's Resolution bandwagon, much as it may seem. But being that today is the five-month mark of the year, I thought it a good time to recommit myself to some specific goals.

By 11:59pm, June 30th:

1. I will finish the feature script that I started writing Dec. 30.
2. I will finish The Creative Habit
3. I will read Perspective
4. I will draw an hour a day, 3x a week
5. I will finish my website
6. I will get my daily routine (incl. exercise) under control
7. I will write a scene to direct as practice with a collaborator
8. I will attend the Pixar Masterclass Jun 28/29
9. I will attend an Improv workshop

On July 1st:

1. I will start prepping my second feature script of the year.
2. I will start adapating my first feature script into a webcomic
3. I will start prepping a separate webcomic with a collaborator
4. I will begin prep for my directing workshop
5a. If #7 is not complete, I will finish writing that scene
5b. If #7 is complete, I will being prepping for the shoot

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