Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Day of the Triffids

The Triffids were an awesome, post-Invaders from Mars, post-War of the Worlds apocalyptic species of alien; they were also kind of a pre-cursor to Invasion of the Body Snatcers--two subgenres of science fiction genre they were able to straddle because they were definitely an alien race intent on the complete and utter destruction of mankind! but also because they looked like trees so we couldn't tell they were aliens! until they started attacking! and then they were invincible! almost impervious to weaponry! until someone sprayed them with salt water and they melted faster than the Wicked Bitch of the East in That Wuss of Oz. 'Cept not the HBO. Not that I ever liked that show. I'm a DWood / Entourage / Wire kind of fella when it comes to HBO...

The day of the triffids. The Day of the Triffids.

I have a triffid infestation on my hands and I desperately need some saltwater.

Triffid: I am implicitly charged with finding a creative way to use the black void / Monolith-ic objects that now inhabit my short film in place of the chroma keyed greenscreen and the black horizon that is matting-out the Sound and Olympic Peninsula. I had originally planned to put found footage of Iraqi children in there, but after some guidance from Noel, the resulting look of the keying minus the footage is pretty spectacularly unsettling. He thinks there's an opportunity to capitalize on imcorporating an unforseen-albeit-awesome image that totally renegotiates the filmic space.

Saltwater: I think the best way to go about incorporating and clarifying the "running toward the void"--which is what this now is--is to use completely re-written narration. Currently, I only have a few lines at the beginning and the end, but I think if I expand on what I have already and construct more of a meditation on taking a human life--child or not--it ought to fit in nicely. The narration is the most influential part that I have yet to lock-down, so that's probably the most effective way of bringing the void in.

It'd be nice to take the title from a Nietzche quote. That might be too heavy-handed though.

As for the rest, there are moments that look pretty friggin' spectacular (compared to my past work), but it's in the editing I do in the next few hours and the audio work I do tomorrow that will make or break this sonuvabitch.

Listening to: The Departed Tango
Not Watching: The Day of the Triffids because THEM! busts so much more ass

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