Sunday, October 08, 2006

Today I was planning to go on a tandem paragliding excursion from the summit of Tiger Mtn., during which time I was going to be able to bring my (well-secured) camera with me to gather some b-roll for three inserts: a medium close-up of feet jumping off of a cliff; a wide POV shot of the camera tumbling over the edge of the cliff; a wide shot of the sun setting behind jagged mountains. I wasn't positive I could get the last shot, since I the trip would take place earlier in the day, so I did plan back up for that one. Now though, it looks like that may be the ONLY shot I'm going to get. I don't really need the paragliding excursion for the last two shots, but without the first shot, the feet jumping off of the cliff, I don't think any of them would make sense in the larger context of the video I'm making. So that's my current dilemma: will I be able to get the first shot? Will the other two make sense without it? And if not, is there an alternate visual metaphor I can establish, or should I just scrape them altogether?

I also didn't have any time to shoot this weekend, as I had hoped, mainly because I had to work, but also because, as Noel helped me realize, it would be much easier to film the "visual metaphor" shots off of a playback screen, instead of integrating them into the video live. So in order to that, I had to push back the shoot.

I'm still working on test shots; later today I'll be doing some lighting tests on location (in other words: the basement of my house); and I've got some errands to run, supplies to pick-up. And hopefully the clouds will burn off, so I can at least catch the sunet. I'm not optimistic though: I will probably just have to be late to work tomorrow...

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