Friday, December 30, 2011

Goals 2012: The Goals Themselves

My goals for 2012 are going to be realistic and achievable: 30 hours of craft-work a week, split between the two areas of the craft that I care about: story construction and visual storytelling.

I) Story Construction
  1. I will finish writing my current feature script
  2. I will write a second feature script
  3. I will write a short film*
  4. I will co-write a comic book miniseries
  5. I will read a screenplay a week**
  6. I will read Aristotle's Poetics and one add'l craft-related book
II) Visual Storytelling
  1. I will form a weekly peer-oriented directing workshop
  2. I will direct the noted (*) short film
  3. I will take at least one improv class
  4. I will thumbnail one scene from the noted (**) script each week
  5. I will watch one movie with the sound off each week
  6. I will finish reading Impro and read one add'l craft-related book
If I put my heart into it and be sensible about achieving the above, then by the end of 2012, I will have:
  • Written 2 feature screenplays
  • Written 1 comic book series
  • Written and Directed 1 short film
  • Read 52 screenplays
  • Thumbnail'd 52 scenes
  • Watched 52 movies silently
  • Read 4 craft-related books
  • Taken 1 improv class
  • Participated in 52 directing workshops
Looking over these, the ones that stand out to me as most important are naturally the ones that are in greatest danger of not happening. I will have to be extra vigilant to ensure that my goals involving PRACTICE & CREATION are put ahead of STUDY -- at least until such time as all three can be naturally executed in proper proportion.

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