Tuesday, January 24, 2012

GOALS 2012: Progress Report #3

1. I wrote 22.5 pages this past week.
2. I finished reading Kramer vs. Kramer
3. I watched "I Confess" in German (half-win)

Not Accomplished:
1. I didn't take any further steps to form my directing group
2. I didn't shotlist or draw any thumbnails after reading KvK
3. I didn't watch KvK silently.

This week:
1. I will write up to the fulcrum of my screenplay
2. I will write-out my vision for my peer-directing group
3. I will read another script
4. I will shotlist/thumbnail one scene
5. I will watch said movie with the sound off

I'm sort of in tunnel-vision mode now that I'm neck-deep in writing, which is why the directing-oriented tasks keep falling by the wayside. I'll try to make progress this week, but even if I don't, I will dive-in with gusto once I finish this script.

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