Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goals 2012: Week #2

1. I finished the first act of my screenplay at 5am this morning. It sits at 38.5pages. And yes, I am ashamed.
2. I sketched out notes on my ideas for the peer directing group.

Not accomplished:
1. I did not read Kramer vs. Kramer
2. I did not sketch any thumbnails
3. I did not watch any movies silently
4. I did not contact anyone about the directing group
5. I wrote 29 pages this past week, but what worth is that when 14 of them should be cut?

This week:
1. I will economize the first act of my screenplay down to 30 pages max, though my goal is 25.
2. I will write at least the first two scenes of my script's second act.
3. I will read Kramer, sketch a shotlist, and watch it silently today
4. I will formally write-out my vision for the directing group, and send it to friends who'd be interested.

Give the snowpocalypse in Seattle this week, I may get more than those four things accomplished. We'll see.

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